Michelle Obama: “I tried to keep my head above water”

In the near future, Michelle will mainly ask people who are close to her. Each episode she will welcome one guest to her podcast. “It can get very personal. My mother, brother, good friends, colleagues come by and I want to talk mainly about relationships that make us who we are. But also about the challenges of parenting, the growth we are going through and the friends who to help us through our difficult moments, these are topics we always deal with dealregardless of what’s going on in the world. “

She begins her podcast by telling what happened since she and Barack left the White House. “For eight years, my life was full of busy schedules, speeches, big initiatives, state dinners, not to mention raising two daughters and trying to keep my head above water. And when Barack’s presidency was finally over, I could breathe again “, says the former first lady. “The first year I spent a lot of time talking to family and friends and thinking a lot. Not only did I look back on my time at the White House, but it went deeper than that. I started thinking about my whole life.”

With a joke she then announces her first guest: “In case you don’t recognize this voice: this is my husband Barack Obama. Like so many couples we have spent a lot of time together in quarantine.” Barack responds with a laugh: “Oh, you don’t seem very happy about that, the way you say it. I thought it was fantastic.”

Barack and Michelle then talk extensively about their different background. “I grew up in a family of four, and a dad who was at home a lot. The only thing missing was a dog. That’s why I have two now,” Michelle laughs. “My parents were poor, but they did save money and we were not short of anything. We could go to a suburb, but my father said: ‘If I put more money in a mortgage, we can no longer go on holiday and I can also no more saving for your education. ” In addition, my father was suspicious of a suburb because they were all white there and he had heard a car scratched from someone who was black, “says Michelle.

Barack continues, “My mom was convinced that everyone deserves love. We moved regularly when I was little. My friends became very important to me and I saw them as my family. They all came from broken families and we went to a school where many rich kids were on it. My best friend often slept with me and my grandparents fed him. So we had our own community. “

“That’s one of the reasons I fell in love with you,” Michelle shouts right away. “Oh, I thought because of my looks,” Barack jokes. “Yes,” she responds, “you are cutebut you are guided by your principles and that we are all brothers and sisters. (…) You could have become anything you wanted. You were the best student at Harvard Law, but you ran away from the money. “What was it all about for young Barack?” That this study allowed me to do the things I wanted to do, like go into politics and do things change.”

Despite their different lives, they fell madly in love with each other. Michelle recognized that having a lot of money is not important, but mainly what you do with it. “At first I went for the money and the car, but despite the nice view on the 47th floor of a law firm, I felt lonely and isolated. I handled cases that didn’t help other people.”

Michelle has learned from an early age that she should be satisfied with what she has. “My God, we were broke,” she recalls. “But it didn’t seem all that bad at the time.”

“We are increasingly focused on things and less on relationships,” says Barack. “If everyone pays more attention to each other, it will benefit everyone. You simply cannot do everything alone.” He grants his daughters Natasha and Malia Ann the same for the future. “If they live in a country with respect and a country where people pay attention to each other, then we know they will be fine if we are no longer there.” And with the words “Love you” he closes the podcast.

You can listen to the entire podcast of Michelle and Barack here. The company Higher Ground produces the podcast and was founded in 2018 by the Obama’s. Michelle and Barack Obama married in 1992 and have two daughters, Malia Ann (22) and Sasha (19).

Also in her book My story Michelle Obama is very candid and in the video below you can hear more about the topics that come up in her book, such as her father’s illness and her first kiss.


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