Michelle Obama on Marriage: “There were times when I wanted to push Barack out the window!”

In her podcast, former first lady Michelle Obama talks about anything and everything. For example, the most recent episode was about marriage. And that that is not always easy, she made it all too clear.

“You have to know that there will be times, very long periods in fact, when you just won’t be able to stand each other,” former first lady Michelle Obama told her most recent podcast. In it, she talked to television host Conan O’Brien about relationships, marriages and children.

Very intense feelings

People don’t talk enough about the difficult sides of a marriage, the former first lady said. And that is why (often young) people give up as quickly as they have problems. They think they are the only ones who experience that, that they are “broken”.

“I just want to say, if that breaks a marriage, Barack and I have been broken many times throughout our marriage. But we have a strong marriage. And if I had given up when it was difficult, I would have missed all those beautiful moments. ”

“There were times when I wanted to push Barack out the window,” she stated. “And I say that because you have to know that you are going to have very intense feelings. But that does not mean that you just give up. Those periods can last a long time, even years. ”

Marriage upside down

Michelle and Barack Obama met in 1989 and will soon be celebrating their 28th wedding anniversary. They have two daughters, Malia (22) and Sasha (19).

Those daughters were so popular, but at the same time caused a lot of problems in the Obamas marriage. “I wouldn’t exchange them for the world, but wow, they turn your marriage upside down. “

Basketball team

You should choose your marriage the way you would choose a basketball team, Michelle Obama also stated. “When you look at a team, you look at the people you want to win with, and you want everyone on your team to be a strong player. If we look at a marriage like this, you want your teammate to be strong, you want LeBron (James, ed.)! ”


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