Mick Schumacher: “Proud to bring the name back into F1”

Mick Schumacher’s new Haas Ferrari VF-21 will be white, with red and blue color accents – in line with the Russian national colors of Mick Schumacher’s Haas team-mate Nikita Mazepin. This is the first time a US team is driving with a Russian flag on the car.

But that’s not a problem for Schumacher junior: “The colors don’t bother me. As long as the car is fast, I’m happy, ”said the 21-year-old in a media discussion. “I only see the team’s colors in it. It’s a very nice car, it’s nice to see the 47 on it. I’m looking forward to doing my first laps with it. “

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It goes without saying that most of the fans are also thinking of father Michael’s debut. When Mick drives his first race in the premier class on March 28th in Bahrain, it will be exactly 30 years ago that his father premiered in Spa in 1991. “I hope I’ll get further than he did back then,” smiles Mick. Michael Schumacher only managed 700 meters after the start with a burnt clutch.

Is the name a pleasure or a burden? Mick sees it easily. “I am very happy and proud to bring the name back to Formula One. That is also an incentive for me to work as hard as I can. “The goal of the young driver is clear:” I want to deliver perfection and push in every situation that arises. ”

Schumacher is combative

Alone: ​​How fast can the Haas-Ferrari VF-21 really be? After all, the US team has not used any development tokens for further development and has announced that it will already focus fully on the 2022 season. Schumacher sees it calmly: “That doesn’t mean that we don’t have any further developments, that we don’t push, that we won’t accelerate. We’ll try to be in midfield and take every chance we can. I’m looking forward to the challenge. “


Haas shows Mick Schumacher’s first Formula 1 car.

Mick Schumacher is preparing intensively for the new season. He knows that the demands on the neck muscles in Formula 1 are even greater. “But I’m 21 now,” he explains. “I can also put more stress on my body.” In addition to fitness tests and team meetings, Schumi junior will also prepare for the test drives in Bahrain with simulator tests at Ferrari.

There he also meets Ferrari mentor Jock Clear, who once worked at Mercedes with father Michael Schumacher and is now supposed to help the juniors of the Ferrari Academy. “I’ve already talked to him a lot about the comparison between other drivers and my father and made some notes about it,” reveals Mick.

Schumacher wants butterflies in his stomach

One thing is certain: there is still no trace of excitement in the Formula 2 champions. Schumacher: “I sorted my thoughts right. I’m looking forward to the first test, I know what to do, how to work with the team and how to go through the checklist so that we’re as ready as possible for the first race. “

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Alone: ​​“When I’m in the race, then the emotions will come, I’m definitely looking forward to it. I hope that I will finish my first race with a big grin and butterflies in my stomach. “

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