Microsoft: 10 million players use Xbox cloud gaming

Microsoft has announced user numbers for the cloud gaming feature of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

During the financial statements conference for the third quarter of the current fiscal year, Microsoft announced figures for the use of Xbox cloud gaming this week. According to this, more than 10 million users have streamed games via the service. Xbox Cloud Gaming has been part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate since 2020, which costs EUR 12.99 per month in Germany.

No specific counting details

How exactly Microsoft counts individual streams in Xbox Cloud Gaming is not known. Competitor Google keeps a low profile on its Stadia service, and Nvidia includes users who use the free trial in its GeForce Now numbers. The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate with all services can also be tried out almost free of charge in the first month with a trial offer for 1 euro.

Game Pass users are increasing

Microsoft’s Game Pass is popular with users. It was only in January that the company confirmed that the number of subscribers had risen to 25 million in 2021. In 2020 there were still 18 million paying customers. In addition to the Xbox consoles, the service is also available for PC, Android and iOS. Users can stream a large library of Xbox titles across devices. The hardware sales figures in the console area are also developing well. In March 2022, Microsoft achieved its best result in eleven years.

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