Microsoft 365 Family at the best price on Amazon

Microsoft 356 Family is available from Amazon at a very reasonable price. The Office package offers this.

As an offer at


is actual

Microsoft 365 Family (12 months) for only 53.99 euros

(in the code-per-email version) and for likewise

only 53.99 euros in the code-in-a-box variant.

This is significantly cheaper than many other retailers are currently asking for the Microsoft 365 product (formerly Office 365), as a look at the PC-WELT price comparison shows here. In the Microsoft Online Store, Microsoft 365 Family (formerly Office 365 Home) costs 99 euros per year (or 10 euros/month). The annual subscription for Microsoft 365 Family has not been available from Amazon for a long time.

If you purchase the variant with a download code that is on offer from Amazon, you will immediately receive a product key by email in the “Games & Software Library” section of your Amazon account after purchase and can then download the software and activate it using the product key. Alternatively, you can also order the “code in a box” version, in which case you will have the code sent to your home address.

To the Amazon offer: Microsoft 365 Family (1 year) for 53.99 euros (download code)

To the Amazon offer: Microsoft 365 Family (1 year) for 53.99 euros (code in a box)

This is what Microsoft 365 Family offers

Microsoft 365 Family can be used by up to six people on up to five devices (Windows, Mac, iOS and Android) for 12 months. The applications Word, Excel, Outlook and Powerpoint are included. There is also 1 terabyte of online storage space per user on Onedrive and a personal safe. The latter is a particularly well-protected folder in which important files can be stored that can be retrieved after a two-stage identity check. All documents and files stored in the cloud are also available to all family members if desired and can be edited across all supported devices.

In contrast to Microsoft Office 2021, Microsoft 365 subscribers do not receive a permanent license, but they do receive new functions for the Office applications continuously for as long as the subscription exists.

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