Microsoft 365 Office Deals: These are the best savings

If you buy Microsoft 365 at the price Microsoft wants, it’s your own fault. Here are the best offers.

Microsoft 365 is not only popular in companies, but also among private users, despite the free competition such as LibreOffice or OpenOffice. The Office applications from Microsoft are extremely powerful and constantly receive new functions through regular updates.

These are the best prices for Microsoft 365 and Office 2021

Microsoft 365 Family:

Reputable dealers charge around 65 to 75 euros for this version (12-month subscription). The lowest price on Amazon so far was 49.99 euros. Microsoft 365 Family is also regularly offered at this price. You should keep an eye on this Amazon page for this.

Microsoft 365 Personal:

The normal price for this version is between 50 and 55 euros (12-month subscription). This package is regularly on sale at Amazon for around 47 euros.

Lowest price for Microsoft 365 Single in the PC-WELT price comparison

Office 2021 Home & Students:

The normal price here is around 120 euros. As part of sales campaigns, Amazon sells the product for around 90 euros and the lowest price is 88 euros. Here it is worth taking a look at the PC-WELT price comparison for cheaper prices:

Microsoft charges relatively high prices for Microsoft 365 / Office 2021

Microsoft 365 is not cheap if you want to buy it directly from Microsoft. For Microsoft 365 Single, Microsoft charges a whopping 69 euros per year (or 7 euros per month) in its online store and for Microsoft 365 Family even 99 euros per year (10 euros / month). If you prefer a one-time payment instead of a subscription, you can use Office Home & Student 2021 for 149 euros, but then you have to do without regular function updates, among other things.

Saving foxes will be disappointed by Microsoft, because Microsoft never grants discounts on its Office packages in its online shop, just as it does not for Windows either. But the Office packages are always available from reputable retailers such as Amazon, Media Markt or Saturn.

Be careful when bargain hunting

We recommend that you avoid dealers who charge extremely low prices of around 10 to 30 euros, because the origin of the product keys sold is not always clear. On the other hand, you play it safe with large, well-known dealers. The currently cheapest prices for Microsoft 365 Family and Microsoft 365 Single can be found here in the PC WORLD price comparison. The best offers for Office 2021 here in the PC-WELT price comparison.

Comparison: Microsoft 365 Family, Microsoft 365 Personal and Office 2021 Home & Student

Microsoft 365 Personal

Microsoft 365 Family

Microsoft Office 2021 Home & Student

number of users


up to 6



PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android, browsers

PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android, browsers

pc, mac

Office applications

Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Teams

Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Teams, Family Safety app

Word, Excel, Powerpoint

Onedrive cloud storage


1TB per person


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