Microsoft 3D Movie Maker is now open source

Microsoft is now offering its “3D Movie Maker” from 1995 as open source software.

The Redmond company Microsoft has published many of its programs as open source in recent years. This week the “Microsoft 3D Movie Maker” will also be added.

Cult program from the 1990s

Back then, the tool allowed Windows users to create animated scenes with 3D characters and enhance them with backgrounds, text, sound, props, and special effects. The open source version also includes a build of BRrender from developer Argonaut Software. However, making the software executable on current hardware is not that easy. Microsoft warns:

“This project is unlikely to build successfully on modern hardware/software, but you can start compiling and get partially finished binaries.”

Download via Github

For compilation, Microsoft recommends checking out the repo in a short-named folder right in the root directory. The developer tools from Visual C++ 2.0 (under MSVC20BIN on the installation data medium) are also useful. Users should also find and place font files and run nmake. Those interested can download the necessary files from the Microsoft 3D Movie Maker Github page.

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