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Microsoft announces Xbox Series S price

Microsoft today announced the price for the new Xbox Series S. It’s cheaper than you probably thought.

The time has come in November. Then both Sony and Microsoft will come up with their new game console. There is therefore talk of a console war because both companies want to outsmart the other. After the two previously announced the specs and games, it is now still awaiting the final release date and price. Xbox has now taken the first step.

The Xbox Series S and X

Microsoft is going to release two different Xbox. The Xbox Series S will be the cheaper version. This comes next to the Xbox Series X, the normal version that will be released. The most striking thing about the Series S is that it has no CD input. This means that you can only purchase games digitally. In addition, it has less strong specs than the Series X. The console will support a resolution of 1440p, allowing you to play games of up to 120 frames per second. It also has a relatively small 512 GB hard drive. It is therefore much smaller than the Series X and has an appearance where the tastes differ. It will probably be released on November 10th.

Microsoft has now officially started the war. It has announced the price for the Xbox Series S. The new console will cost $ 299. This makes the Xbox cheaper than expected. A new PlayStation 4 costs about the same. It seems unlikely that Sony will be the same price for its cheaper edition of the PlayStation 5. It has the same specs as the regular version, but has no CD input. However, the price is still unknown.

Waiting for the response from Sony

Yet it doesn’t seem to be long before Sony will show its cards. For example, there are strong rumors that the company will announce this week when you can pre-order the PlayStation 5. Maybe even tomorrow, if we can believe a tweet from a British game store. According to the shop, Sony has planned an announcement for tomorrow. However, the tweet has also been removed.

Of course the Xbox Series S is a kind of starter, it is of course really about the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X. Perhaps the companies on those consoles look at each other, so as not to be too far above the other. It is therefore a question of waiting who will give a price first and how the other will respond to it.

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The console war begins: Microsoft announces Xbox Series S price


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