Microsoft Defender for single users now on Windows, macOS, iOS and Android

Microsoft is now offering its Defender virus protection specifically for individual users and families.

Microsoft released its new antivirus product Defender for single users this week. The software is intended to protect not only Windows PCs, but entire families of devices from threats.

Defender for individual users has been in testing for a few months and is now available to all users. The software offers users a central dashboard for managing and monitoring their online security on Windows PCs, macOS and the mobile operating systems Android and iOS. The dashboard can also be coupled with software from other manufacturers such as McAfee and Norton. The status of these tools is also shown in the Defender dashboard. According to Microsoft, if Defender detects a security risk, users receive an immediate security warning with suggested solutions and security tips.

Free for Family and Personal subscribers

Defender for individual users is available now for Microsoft 365 Family and Personal subscribers. There are no additional costs for using the software. Unfortunately, Microsoft Defender is not available for customers who do not have a Microsoft 365 subscription. Interested parties can test the tool for 30 days free of charge.

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