Microsoft gives the terminal its own themes

The Windows Terminal can now be upgraded with themes. This also provides a better overview.

If you want to carry out work steps particularly quickly under Windows, you can use the Windows Terminal. Several tabs are available in this terminal emulator where command line applications can be run. The problem here: The optics with a black background and white writing tires the eyes and looks more like a DOS computer from the 80s. With the preview version 1.16, Microsoft is finally giving the Windows terminal several themes that provide more color.

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More color in the game

The text rendering engine required for this has been fundamentally revised. The display of the content is now supported by the graphics card. The result is significantly more options for personalizing the Windows terminal. For example, several themes are available and the coloring of the font can finally be adjusted.

One color per terminal window

Microsoft admits that the previous color scheme was not particularly intuitive and appealing. This should now change: The new themes for the Windows Terminal can be found in the settings under Appearance. Once a theme has been selected, it can be set as the default in the future. This gives all tabs of the Windows terminal the same look. In addition, profiles can also be created that use their own color scheme. This should provide a better overview, as you can immediately see which terminal window is intended for which task.

If you want to see the preview version 1.16 of Windows Terminal, you can download the software from the Microsoft Store for free. On the other hand, if you want to be involved in designing the program yourself, you can join an active community on Github.

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