Microsoft is testing game streaming service xCloud in the browser

xCloud is Microsoft’s counterpart to the Google Stadia game streaming service: a game console in the cloud. Players do not have to get a device or install games, a screen and a controller are enough to play.

Unique to xCloud is the linked Game Pass offer, where a large number of games can be played without additional payment. xCloud has been publicly tested with an Android app for a number of months, but Microsoft is now also testing a version for the browser, The Verge reports.

Apple is not cooperating

With the browser version, xCloud will also be available for iPhones and iPads. A public test would start this spring. An app is not possible for iOS: Apple does not accept apps from game streaming services in the App Store. The company wants to be able to monitor the content of every game.

According to Microsoft, there is no start on this, and so the company promised a web version for iOS users last year.

Google Chrome and Edge

The test version for the browser works largely like the version for Android, according to The Verge. Users will see a screen with recently played games to continue and suggestions for other games. When a game is started, it will be displayed in full screen. A controller is required to play the game.

The version would only work in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge for the time being.


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