Microsoft is urging Windows 8.1 users to switch with nag screens

The famous tormentors are coming back: Microsoft is urging Windows 8.1 users to switch with nag screens.

At the end of last week it was announced that Microsoft would soon start notifying Windows 8.1 users of the upcoming end of support. Now it is clear what these hints will look like: These are the infamous nag screens.

Starting in July 2022, the nagscreens will notify users that Microsoft will end support for Windows 8.1 on January 10, 2023. The nag screens give users three ways to lure: “Learn more,” “Remind me later,” and “Remind me after the end-of-support date.”

Since Microsoft, unlike Windows 7, will not be offering a paid support extension for Windows 8.1, Windows 8.1 users must become active by January 10, 2023 at the latest and obtain a successor for Windows 8.1. Because Microsoft emphasizes: “Microsoft will not offer an Extended Security Update (ESU) program for Windows 8.1. Continued use of Windows 8.1 after January 10, 2023 may increase the security risk for an organization or affect the ability to meet compliance obligations “.

Microsoft recommends these options for Windows 8.1 users:

  • Buy a new computer with Windows 11

  • Install Windows 11 on the Windows 8.1 computer. However, due to the high hardware requirements of Windows 11, this should not be possible in most cases.

  • Install Windows 10, which is still available, on the Windows 8.1 machine.

Of course you can also install Linux on the Windows 8.1 computer. Or switch to a Mac.

Nagscreens: tormentors are a tradition at Microsoft

The unloved nag screens are already a tradition at Microsoft. At the time, Microsoft used nag screens to urge Windows 7 users to switch to a newer Windows system. However, Microsoft also introduced “Extended Security Updates” for professional users and companies. This means that companies or authorities that cannot switch to another Windows system immediately – for example because they use special software that is only compatible with Windows 7 – can continue to use Windows 7. But Microsoft also used the annoying nag screens for the Edge browser. Nag screens were also used in Windows 10.

Microsoft is ending support for Windows 8.1 soon – you need to do that

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