Microsoft rejoices: Windows 11 has the highest level of customer satisfaction – distribution is stagnating

Windows 11 is the Windows operating system with the highest customer satisfaction and the best quality. That’s how Microsoft cheers. But the spread of Windows 11 is stagnating.

Panos Panay, EVP & Chief Product Officer at Microsoft and top “Windows guardian”, praised Windows 11 in the highest tones in his keynote at the IT trade fair Computex 2022, which has just started in Taiwan: Windows 11 is the Windows operating system with the highest customer satisfaction .

The conversion rate from Windows 11 is twice as high as it was with Windows 10. Corporate customers in particular would switch to Windows 11 much more frequently than was the case with previous Windows versions. Above all, Windows 11 gets the highest ratings for quality. It should stay that way, because in the future Microsoft wants to bring updates with a focus on quality, as Panay emphasizes in the video.

Upgrade and migration figures give less reason for euphoria

So much for the jubilee of Microsoft’s Windows boss. But if you look at the numbers on the current spread of Windows 11, you get slight doubts about Microsoft’s euphoria. An evaluation from April 2022 shows that the spread of Windows 11 is stagnating, while the predecessor Windows 10 is still booming: Windows 10 clearly beats Windows 11 – current evaluation.

Also in April 2022, another analysis even came to the conclusion that Windows had lost market share overall across all versions: Windows lost 17 percent of the market share – this competitor in particular benefited from it. So things are by no means as rosy as Panay writes.

You can watch Microsoft’s celebration video here.

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