Microsoft reveals: This is how the Windows updates will continue

Microsoft reveals how Windows 11 will continue: The update plan. Microsoft is evasive about Windows 12.

Microsoft released the first major update for Windows 11 last night. You can read all the details about this “Windows 11 2022 update” in this message: Windows 11 2022 update now available – with a surprise. In this context, Microsoft has also revealed how the update cycle for Windows will continue. Microsoft is thus ending all speculation about how often or at what intervals Microsoft might release feature updates for Windows.

This is how Windows 11 gets new functions

John Cable, Vice President, stated in a blog post introducing Windows 11 2022 Update that Windows 11 should continue to receive a major feature update once a year. This will always appear in the second half of the year. With the release of this feature update, the corresponding support cycle would then begin, with Windows Home and Windows Pro receiving updates and bug fixes for 24 months and the Enterprise and Education editions of Windows 11 for 36 months.

However, Windows 11 will continue to receive new functions independently of this major feature update. But if you always want to get the latest feature updates, then you have to install the respective major annual Windows update.

What about Windows 12?

Microsoft only said to a new version of Windows called “Windows 12”, which keeps boiling up in the rumor mill: “we have no plans to share”. Because the US IT news site Arstechnica had explicitly asked about Windows 12. With this vague answer, Microsoft is keeping all options open, but Windows 12 is unlikely to appear in the near future.

Throwback to the rumor mill

In the summer of 2022, the rumor had spread that a major, new Windows version would be released every three years. At the same time, the current Windows version is to receive more and more new functions each quarter, which is to go under the term “Moments”. With the 3-year scheme, Microsoft would have returned to a classic update rhythm, which would roughly have corresponded to the time before Windows 11. With Windows 11, Microsoft actually announced that it wanted to release a feature update once a year. You can read more about this summer rumor in Windows: All new update plan from Microsoft – you need to know that.

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