Microsoft: This is how it will continue with Windows 10

The big Windows 11 autumn update is here. But what’s next for Windows 10? That’s what Microsoft says.

The big Windows 11 2022 update is here and the future update plan for Windows 11 is also set. But most Windows users are still using Windows 10. Therefore, another announcement that Microsoft made in connection with the presentation of the first major update for Windows 11 should interest many users: This is how Windows 10 will continue.

Microsoft will therefore provide updates for Windows 10 by October 14, 2025, as John Cable, Vice President of program Management for Microsoft’s Windows Servicing and Delivery, confirmed to journalists. This is not really new, but corresponds to what Microsoft has been saying since June 2021. But in view of the many rumors about alleged changes in the Windows update practice, it is important that Microsoft has once again explicitly stated this. Finally, Windows 10 users need security, especially if they use Windows 10 for work.

No upgrade compulsion for Windows 10 users

However, the long support period until autumn 2025 also means that Windows 10 users are by no means forced to switch to Windows 11 in the near future. Since Windows 10 runs stably and has been tried and tested for years, many Windows 10 users should see no reason to upgrade. Windows 10 users whose computers meet the hardware requirements for the upgrade to Windows 11 can therefore take their time and upgrade to Windows 11 at any time later. The Windows 11 upgrade is free for these Windows 10 users, and Microsoft has not yet announced if and when the Windows 11 upgrade could become a paid option for Windows 10 users.

Check whether the upgrade to Windows 11 is available for your Windows 10 computer in the Windows settings under “Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update”. Check for updates there. If Windows 11 is available as an upgrade for your computer, it will now be displayed. After that you can download and install it. Important: Back up all important data beforehand.

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