Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool new version

On the update Tuesday in March, Microsoft once again distributes its small wormer. The new version 5.99 detects and eliminates other malware attacks on Ukrainian institutions.

On Patch Day, Microsoft is also delivering the new version 5.99 of the “Windows tool for removing malicious software” via the automatic Windows update. It is also available as a separate download for multiple use. The download is about 38 MBytes in size. The anti-malware tool runs on all supported Windows versions. It does not have to be installed for this. When called up, the downloaded EXE file unpacks into a temporary folder and then starts the program.

In addition to the obligatory “Full scan” and “Quick scan” scan types, the Microsoft tool also offers the option of checking a user-selected folder for malware. During the scan, the tool also provides more detailed information about the current progress of the system scan.

The Windows tool for removing malicious software checks the computer for a selection of common malware and, if found, offers to eliminate the infection. The new version 5.99 from March 8 also targets the Win32/DinoTrain, Trojan:MSIL/QuietSieve, Win32/DilongTrash, Win32/PterodoGen and VBS/ObfuMerry malware families. DinoTrain is a modular backdoor malware with complex functions. According to Microsoft, all of the malware families mentioned are used by the cyber troop ACTINIUM (also known as “Gamaredon”), which has been attacking state and private institutions in Ukraine for some time.


Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool 5.99

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