Mike De Decker breathes with relief and continues

Poor beginning

The 24-year-old Belgian, the youngest in the group, started the evening a bit rough. In the opening game, he lost to Stephen Bunting. The Englishman was throwing well and partly due to high finishes of 122 and 100, he walked out to a 5-2 lead. However, De Decker did not give up and then won three legs in a row. In the last and decisive leg it was “The Bullet” that pulled the longest. He won the game with a 14-darter and finished with an average of over 103.

After his loss, De Decker could no longer afford to make mistakes. So it is up to him to end his other matches in a winning way. First he had to deal with “The Saint” Alan Tabern. The Englishman had lost his first game to Glen Durrant. The winner would therefore still have a view of the next round. It promised to be an exciting game. Both men managed to break each other first and then both kept their own leg: 2-2.

53-year-old Tabern finally seemed to like it and won no less than three legs in a row. However, he got the lid on the nose. Tabern forgot to throw the game and it was the Belgian who mercilessly punished that. “Real Deal” won four legs in a row and with that the game: 6-5.

Durrant drops out

The battle for first place initially went between Bunting and Durrant, numbers 17 and 19 of the Order of Merit. Both men had won a match, so the winner would take the lead. That they are both not far from each other in the world rankings was also reflected in the game. The men were well matched and were still equal after six legs: 3-3. It was Bunting who finally took it a step further and took the profit.

Durrant was then allowed to stand to finish his last game against Mike De Decker. Both needed a win to continue, but still dependent on the outcome of the last game. “Duzza,” who topped the Premier League before the corona crisis, got off to a good start. However, he couldn’t prevent De Decker from taking a small lead. After that it was just a little change, but the Belgian did not give away the lead: 4-6.

In your own hands

The last game was between the two men from St. Helens, Bunting and Tabern. Where “The Saint” was eliminated, “The Bullet” was enough for four legs won. The first four legs all went against the darts: 2-2. At the time, it seemed like Bunting was already in the semifinals in mind.

Tabern, however, dealt a sensible blow by throwing a handsome 160 finish. That blow hit Bunting hard and Tabern managed to draw the match: 6-2. It was Bunting’s first loss on the Home Tour, unfortunately it became fatal and a spot in the semifinal disappeared like snow in the sun.

Results play-offs group 2

  • Stephen Bunting 6-5 Mike De Decker
  • Glen Durrant 6-3 Alan Tabern
  • Mike De Decker 6-5 Alan Tabern
  • Stephen Bunting 6-3 Glen Durrant
  • Glen Durrant 4-6 Mike De Decker
  • Alan Tabern 6-2 Stephen Bunting

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