Military doctor Sperandio: “Many colleagues saw the danger”

When Sylvia-Carolina Sperandio was allowed to submit a contribution to the “Security Policy Annual Preview 2020” almost exactly a year ago, the Chinese provincial capital Wuhan was only known to China experts, and the medical term “Covid 19” did not exist.

As Head of Military Health, Sperandio should make an assessment of what the pandemic is all about – and why the military and society have to deal with it.

The military doctor’s contribution is only four pages long. But in retrospect it reads prophetically, as it anticipated a large part of what was to happen in 2020. She warned of the “devastating consequences” a pandemic could have on society. With reference to the World Health Organization, she explicitly named the MERS coronavirus as a potential hazard. And Sperandio described the process when a previously unknown disease (“Disease X”) takes hold in a pandemic: “In addition to countless people in need of treatment and deaths, government services and the economy can also come to a standstill.”

Anyone who speaks to the doctor today will quickly realize that she was never and is never concerned with being right. “I was absolutely not the only one who warned about this situation. Many great colleagues saw the danger. You just weren’t heard, ”she says.


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