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The popular block game “Minecraft” can be transformed into a 3D graphics calculator by a player’s mod.

Many crazy projects have already been implemented in “Minecraft”. For example, a user simulated a working 8-bit processor. Also interesting is the mod by a player called CommanderRedstone, which turns “Minecraft” into a graphing calculator that can also map complicated functions with blocks. The result has an almost hypnotic fascination when complex calculations are slowly visualized in the world of the game.

3D visualization for the first time

The calculator is made possible by the redstone blocks included in the game, which can simulate circuits. If these are cleverly linked, complex devices can also be built. The first version of the CommanderRedstone calculator is already two years old. Now a new version has been released that also makes 3D visualization possible. So far, these visualizations have only ever been shown in 2D space. By using decimal floating point numbers, the new version should work faster and more precisely.

Free download

The most interesting thing is certainly the visual representation of the results. These can not only help young people to better understand mathematical relationships. The structure of the just calculated values ​​can also have a hypnotic effect on math muffles. If you want to get an impression of it, you can find corresponding videos on YouTube. “Minecraft” players can also download the graphical 3D calculator for free and try it directly in the game. The download on MediaFire contains a 2 MB archive, which is offered for Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Download 3D graphing calculator for “Minecraft” for free

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