Minecraft: Microsoft is testing ray tracing on Xbox Series X/S

“Minecraft” should soon support ray tracing on the current Xbox Series X/S. The first test runs have already begun.

Actually, the block adventure “Minecraft” is not a graphic highlight. However, PC players who have an Nvidia RTX graphics card can switch on ray tracing with “Minecraft with RTX”. The result is stunning and provides realistic lighting in real time. Reflections and the representation of water also benefit significantly from the complex technology. It has long been assumed that Microsoft would also activate ray tracing in “Minecraft” on the current Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles.

Next gen update planned

Now, as part of a new “Minecraft Preview” build, a test run with ray tracing has begun on the two consoles. This version is available to Xbox Insiders and also includes a

limited ray tracing support
in Minecraft. The pre-release is also declared as “optimized for Xbox Series X/S”. This should also indicate an upcoming next-gen update.

Rudimentary ray tracing support

However, adding additional resource packs to the Xbox is still difficult at the moment. The necessary packages can still be used via a PC as a multiplayer player. Then “Minecraft” will also shine on Xbox with unfinished ray tracing support. Microsoft first indicated ray tracing support for “Minecraft” on the current Xbox generation two years ago. It remains to be hoped that this promise will soon be kept. It remains to be seen whether the PS5 version will also feature a raytracing version of “Minecraft”. Both consoles rely on almost the same chip from AMD. However, Microsoft could save the feature for its players.

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