Mines in Zimbabwe’s national park are no longer allowed

Zimbabwe decided to ban mining in national parks. This decision came after protests over the permits that Chinese companies received. For example, they were allowed to look for coal in the main elephant reserve, Hwange National Park.

The Zimambwe Environmental Law Association filed a lawsuit against the government. They stated that the permission had been granted without the required environmental permits. “All special permits in national parks will be canceled,” said Zimbabwe’s mines minister, Winston Chitando.

Largest nature reserve in the world

The decision to grant permits to the companies was also not well received on social media. As early as Explore Hwange, a group of representatives for the tourism industry, to President Emmerson Mnangagwa to stop the permits. “Choose to protect the place where elephants gather to drink. Only you have this power, ”says Blessing Munyenyiwa in a video on Facebook.

“This is the largest national park in Zimbabwe with one of the most diverse species of flora and fauna in the world. It is not only a natural heritage for all Zimbabweans, but also a natural heritage for the world ”, it says on Facebook. The Hwange park is one of the largest nature reserves in the world. More than 50,000 elephants and various animal species live there. Endangered species such as black rhinos also find their home there.


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