Mini 3-door (2023) comes with a combustion engine for the last time

Mini will launch its classic three-door model for the last time as a combustion engine in 2023. As always, he’s from Oxford, and there’s another one Electric versionwhich is being built in China for the first time. The brand has now published a picture of the E-Mini, recognizable by the side “Electric Test Vehicle”Sticker on the side. The photo shows you completely camouflaged prototype. There don’t seem to be any major changes to the design; it can only be seen that the side mirrors are no longer attached to the door but under the A-pillar.

The interior of the Mini could be completely changed

But there seems to be more to do inside. There are images circulating that are part of the new Interior with large widescreen show how BMW showed it for the first time in the electric SUV iX. The large round instruments in retro style would then be taken out of service. In addition, Mini will focus on sustainability in the future. That means: leather out, knitting in, clean drives, premium ambience – and only as much car as necessary.

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