Mini Cooper Countryman: Does it work well in wind and weather?

During the Corona pandemic, my family and I got a taste for camping. A Countryman with a roof tent is just the right thing to get to know another facet of “holidays on wheels”.
The good thing: the Mini is fully suitable for everyday use, even with a roof tent. You hardly notice the weight on top, there are no restrictions when driving. (Roof tents for the car in the ADAC test)

Ok, almost none: With the roof tent, the maximum speed is 130 km/h, but that is easy to get over with the current fuel prices.

Mini Cooper SD Countryman All4

British mini flair prevails in the cockpit. Like that!

The second limitation is the height: with the roof folded, the Countryman measures 2.09 meters. Thus, most garages are taboo. But who wants to pitch their tent in the garage?

Practical: The Mini is just a Countryman with a roof box and not a mobile home. That means: It doesn’t matter whether it’s in narrow inner cities or in the crowded supermarket parking lot – it finds a gap everywhere.

Roof tent set up in five minutes

Speaking of supermarkets. There we get some food, pack the gas cooker and a change of clothes. That’s all it takes to enjoy a weekend with the Mini that’s just different. Quickly search for a location on Google Maps that is suitable for an overnight stay and off you go.

Mini Cooper SD Countryman All4

The 190 hp turbo diesel ensures powerful propulsion.

With a little practice, the roof tent can be set up within five minutes: After opening the safety locks, the tent unfolds automatically thanks to the built-in gas pressure springs and is practically ready for occupancy.

With two adults and a child, it gets quite cozy in the roof tent, but that’s somehow part of the romantic camping atmosphere. Simply fold it back in the next day and off you go.

In bad weather it gets tight

The biggest differences to RV camping are the organization – and the role of the weather. With a mobile home, for example, you don’t have to worry about sanitary issues, there is a toilet on board if necessary – not in the Mini.

Mini Cooper SD Countryman All4

The four-wheel drive proves to be very helpful on loose ground.

And we had doubts in the roof tent one evening, when it was quite windy on the Baltic Sea, whether everything would hold up and go well. In addition: When the weather is bad, it gets tight. We do not have an awning that adds a lounge or changing area to the Mini.

This is hardly a problem when the sun is shining, but when it rains you would like to change your clothes in the dry. But: The Mini is a good choice for relaxed weekend adventure trips in good weather – to break out of everyday life and experience something different.

In a nutshell

What will the neighbors say if I drive up?
Is that a tent in the roof box? How cool is that!

Why would I recommend the car to my best friend?
The Mini perfectly combines adventure with everyday life.

What do I remember?
2.09 meters headroom. does that fit?

relationship status

Commute Even with a roof tent (almost) no problem. Points: 4/5

Shopping 450 liters in the trunk are neat. Points 4/5

Transport A lot goes in, but nothing on the roof with a tent. Points 3/5

Vacation A little too tight for longer camping trips for two. Points 3/5

hobby Perfect if the hobby is called “short trips”. Points 5/5

family life The Countryman copes well with everyday family life. Points 4/5

Specifications and price: Mini Cooper SD Countryman All4

• Power 140 kW (190 hp)
• Torque 400 Nm
• L/W/H 4297/1822/1557 mm
• Trunk 450-1390 l
• 0-100km/h 7.6s
• Top 224 km/h
• Consumption (WLTP) 5.4 l diesel/100 km
• Price from 40,850 euros

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