Mini Cooper SE: This is how the E-Mini drives in the endurance test

The electric mini accompanied me through everyday life for three weeks. Before that, my experience with e-cars was limited. I was accordingly skeptical. Would the range be sufficient in everyday stress? In my case, without the option of charging at home. After the three weeks and 2000 kilometers I can say – it works wonderfully!

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However, a few things are different than usual. Above all, planning is necessary, otherwise you will eventually get stuck in view of the 170 kilometers range. That means: think about where to go beforehand Mini Can recharge in between or at the end, GPS and apps help with this.

Mini Cooper SE

The view into the interior. Typical: frying pan-sized display in the middle.

E-Mini: Lively suit, but not a lot of space

But honestly? You get used to it. The driving behavior is still new and unfamiliar to me: our long-term testMini has a lively suit, pulls out from the spot and likes to throw himself into the city bustle. He always stays quiet Electric car just. It doesn’t offer much space, but I didn’t expect it any differently. People over, say, seven years old feel cramped when they have to sit in the back. The fund is probably not intended for adults. That stays there Mini loyal, no matter which drive you choose.

Mini in the AUTO BILD used car market

Mini Cooper SE

In the city, the electric mini is in its element, is nimble and agile. Real range in everyday life: 170 kilometers.

The Mini Cooper SE in the AUTO BILD endurance test

Endurance test start: June 18, 2021
Price of the test car with extras: 41,300 euros
Driven so far: 6749 km
Test consumption: 16.6 kWh / 100 km
Top: Wonderfully playful design, nice atmosphere in the interior. Nimble driving behavior.
Not so good: It doesn’t have a lot of space, and the trunk is also small. And is the price really meant seriously?

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