Mini-recall at Tesla in Germany: 195 Model X have to go to the workshop because of the trim

German Tesla customers are still waiting for an official recall due to failing media computers in older Model S and Model X, such as in the USA, but the German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) has now taken action on a different matter: 195 copies of the electric wing-door SUV are out the year of construction 2015 and 2016 the gluing of a trim strip must be checked and revised if necessary, according to a new recall information from the authority. Because there is a risk that the bar will come loose “and get into the traffic area”.

12,308 Model X affected worldwide

Worldwide, 12,308 Tesla Model X are potentially affected by this problem, the KBA said. For the majority of them, however, there has been a recall since last November. The US traffic safety authority NHTSA informed about this at that time with similar information as now the KBA and named the number of 9136 vehicles in their area of ​​responsibility. The recall affects all Model Xs manufactured from the start of production in September 2015 until the end of July 2016, when changes were made at the supplier.

As the NHTSA explained in more detail than the KBA now, this involves a bar on the roof directly behind the windshield and another in the middle in front of the double doors. These would be attached to the Tesla with urethane, and if not enough primer was used, the bar could come off. Specific cases of injuries or accidents are not known, wrote the NHTSA, but in principle there is a risk for other road users.

No recall about old Tesla MCU yet

The US authorities estimated the proportion of the Tesla Model X from the aforementioned production period that could be replaced at 10 percent. Applied to Germany, this would mean that nationwide only about 20 of these electric cars are specifically affected.

Another problem that Tesla has now decided to call back following a request from the NHTSA in the USA is likely to be a larger number: In older Model X and Model S, the Media Control Unit (MCU) can be used after several years of use. fail, which the authorities considered to be safety-relevant. After she had published her request for a recall, it became known from the KBA that it was also examining such a measure. In the meantime, Tesla is also contacting owners of older Model S and Model X in Germany, but asks them to only contact them for the intended replacement of a memory chip if their MCU is already showing signs of failure.


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