Minister of Education Faßmann: “An almost normal school”

School start after lockdown. “Use more tolerant” when wearing a mask for under-ten-year-olds, says Heinz Fassmann.

As of Monday, hundreds of thousands of students are returning all over the place Austria after by the Corona virus-related break and distance learning back to the classroom. Minister of Education Heinz Fassmann (ÖVP) attended a primary school in Brunn am Gebirge, in the district Mödling, South from Viennato give yourself a picture of the approaching To make school operations.

“The sun shines that school opens again. Today is, I think, a good day – a good day for them school, the pupils, for the teachers as a whole – most likely also for the parents who after two months of home learning, distance learning a normal one school find. An almost normal one school“he said in a short statement at the press meeting.

As of today, around 700,000 schoolchildren at elementary schools, lower secondary schools, new middle schools (NMS) and special schools are returning to normality a little bit in their everyday lives – on Monday this will affect about half of them due to the prescribed shift operation. The majority of the classes are now taught in two parts. Most common model: one group has classes from Monday to Wednesday, the other on Thursday and Friday. The next week it is the other way round.

Shift operation

The aim of shift operation is to reduce the number of students due to the Contact density at the educational institutions. Furthermore, the hygiene measures are important. In which Fassmann added: “I am also very realistic: In schools like this, an elementary school, maybe everything will not take place so completely 100 percent. But I think you can accept that, because what you get for it is worth a lot more. ”

Furthermore, it has been shown “that the school not the place is the significant significant spread of the virus“said the minister, referring to the Scandinavian countries where schooling had started earlier.” You notice that a certain amount of optimism and optimism accompany my day. ”

As for the extent of Mask requirement of students in educational institutions – some schools stipulate that the masks be worn in the school yard – said Fassmann: With the under ten year olds “one can proceed more tolerant here, especially if one is in one school with a large area, with a low density per unit area. “He thinks this is necessary where” we have a really tight spatial situation. “He recalled his call to” apply all these things with a certain common sense “: “Where the Contact density is high, try that Contact density to reduce or to minimize the dangers of a virus transmission by wearing a nose and mouth protection. “In rural areas, for example with a large meadow behind the school, one could proceed differently than in the narrow urban area.


There are no figures yet on how many students and teachers are excused: “We cannot say that exactly because the day is just beginning.” But what Fassmann from “episodic contacts” is: “Teachers will come, even if they are over 60. Teachers do their job not because it is a job, but because it is a calling.” He knows from surveys among the students that only a small minority of the parents are so afraid that they will not take the children to school would send.


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