Minister of Education Faßmann changes school-leaving rules again

Rainer Graf just wanted to stimulate a discussion – and he has now succeeded in doing so. What happened? The director of the school center Ybbs had reported that two high school graduates passed the test after half an hour – for one simple reason: because this year the grade of the certificate of the last class is halfway through Matura grade counts, you can no longer fail if you have at least three in the subject in your certificate. His conclusion: “You can do that Matura abolish right away. “

However, Graf’s high school graduates are far from the only ones. Not just in Ybbs pupils took advantage of the new regulation with which the Ministry of Education wanted to accommodate the students for the difficult preparation phase during the lockdown.

So reports the Lower Austrian state school spokesman Benjamin Kloiberthat it is also at the HAK St. Polten gave exactly the same cases. Also in Wiener Neustadt or Amstetten School leavers are said to have “whistled” for the exam – but very few want to admit it publicly. And Miriam Amann, Student representative from Vorarlberg, knows about two schools in the country where high school graduates used to go.

What Director Graf – whose school is considered to be particularly innovative because individualized and digital learning is a matter of course – has at least achieved with his intervention: Minister of Education Heinz Fassmann now wants to take countermeasures and change the rules. How exactly? The courier asked.


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