Minister Ollongren makes temporary rent reductions possible

Lowering rents is already possible. The problem is, however, that afterwards it is not legally allowed to return the rent to the old level. This is an obstacle for landlords. The minister now wants to arrange that it is possible.

She writes this in a letter in which she responds, among other things, to the wish of the Senate to freeze the rents and not to let them go up by 1 July. Just over a week ago, the Senate passed a motion from SP Senator Tiny Kox. A similar motion has been tabled in the House of Representatives, but it has not yet been put to the vote.

Not effective

Minister Ollongren does not consider freezing rents a good way to help tenants who are temporarily in trouble due to the corona crisis. She thinks that means is not effective because tenants who have no problems benefit from it. She finds a temporary rent reduction for specific cases much more suitable for customization.

According to Ollongren, tenants can already request their landlord to apply a temporary discount on the rent in anticipation of the bill being discussed.


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