Ministers at an audience | Judge rules on lockdown | And demonstration on Dam Square

Bye standard travel allowance, hello work from home allowance and record where you do your work. The new year comes with new rules and these are implemented differently by companies. What is possible, what is allowed, what must? Six questions about the homework allowance.

The absolute A-garnish has already been visited, but even today many aspiring ministers still visit formateur Rutte. Climate minister to be Rob Jetten will come to talk, among others. Just like coronatsar in the making Ernst Kuipers and the future chief of claims handling Groningen, Hans Vijlbrief.

The District Court of The Hague will rule today in the case brought by, among others, right-wing twitter stars Raisa Blommestijn and Eva Vlaardingerbroek.. They oppose the lockdown tooth and nail and want it to be ended immediately.

Speaking of corona resistance: it will be busy again today on the Dam in the capital. At least, that’s what the Action Group Netherlands in Resistance hopes. They also think the corona measures are excessive and want to get rid of them. This weekend a demonstration in Amsterdam was still screaming.

This piece was the most shared yesterday:
A Gelderland dentist has to pay his former assistant more than 100,000 euros in compensation for seriously culpable acts. The trouble started when he made sexual innuendos on a business trip.

We think you should also read this:
The European Commission wants to label electricity generated with natural gas or in nuclear power plants as green. Good plan or textbook example of green washing? Five questions about this highly criticized, but also acclaimed proposal.

And you may have missed this last night:
Oh, how we love free money. The subsidy pot for the purchase or lease of an electric car is already 20 million euros lighter. After two days.

This could come along at the coffee machine:

Good day!

PS The speed camera market is overcrowded. They all make huge losses. The rule of the game is simple: the last person to finish his bag of money is the winner.

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