Ministry of Health for “equal sharing” of doses

Following the assumption by Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) that vaccination doses are distributed differently in the EU, the Ministry of Health has underlined that the “aim in this crucial phase is a fair and equal distribution of vaccines within the EU to ensure simultaneous vaccination activity got to”. This is the joint effort of the Ministry of Health and the Federal Chancellery.

“Ensure that everyone is supplied fairly”

According to the ministry’s statement, the European Union “must now ensure that in times of vaccine shortages all member states are supplied fairly – as originally promised and everyone receives the same amount of vaccine per person”. “Our common goal is to vaccinate as quickly as possible and in a European unison. Above all, the over 65-year-olds and the risk groups are given priority,” it said. Due to the challenges posed by new virus variants, it is also necessary “to further develop the joint vaccine procurement project and thus be well prepared for future challenges”.


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