Minors trade in stolen partial scooter accounts

The NOS reports that, after talking to ten such traders. They would sell dozens of accounts every month for the partial scooter service Felyx, which has scooters in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague.

More and more partial scooter companies are establishing themselves in Dutch cities. From an app you can rent such a scooter, after which you can use it for a short time within the city. To use such scooters you often have to be of age and have at least a scooter driving license.

The traders look for accounts of other users of such a service. They would do that by trying to log into a sharing scooter app with previously leaked passwords from other services. Once they are in, such an account is then sold.

Ten per account

One account usually earns traders 10 euros. The profile works as long as the password is not changed: if the service or original owner discovers the theft, measures are taken.

Victims are often also confronted with high bills: the accounts are linked to their credit cards or other means of payment, so that the rides of the illegal buyers are charged to them. Victims that the NOS spoke to did get their money back from Felyx.


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