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Mirror, mirror on the wall .. This is how your mirror comes into its own

A mirror can serve as decoration, but of course also has a very practical function. A mirror can make any room look bigger and brighter. It is important here that you choose wisely what kind of mirror you want, and that you hang it in the right place.


If you hang a mirror in an entrance to a room or house, it is important that it makes a good impression, as it is the first impression you get. By placing your mirror above a cupboard, for example, you immediately give a welcoming impression. In doing so, you create a good place to take a last look in the mirror before you go out the door.

More light

A mirror reflects light, so take that into account when hanging your mirror. Determine the light in the room where you want to hang the mirror. Not only the position of your mirror is important, but especially the light that falls around the mirror works wonders. Hang your mirror next to a window, for as much natural light as possible.

Choose your own style

Always stay true to your own style. If you are a fan of a modern style, choose a metal, sleek frame. If you prefer a boho style, choose a bamboo or rattan frame. Do you prefer a more rugged, industrial look? Opt for a rustic wooden frame.

Hang mirrors together

It can be a lot of fun to group several mirrors together. This is an easy way to add character to a space. Make sure you hang the mirrors evenly spaced – and be mindful of the ratio between the mirrors to avoid cluttering.

The height

Tall rooms benefit most from tall vertical mirrors, while elongated rooms do better with horizontal mirrors. Think twice before installing a mirror on something that moves and never, ever, hang a mirror above your bed.

If you really want that, hire a professional to make sure that the mirror hangs securely and does not fall down at night. Life-threatening.

That’s how you hang it up

Sometimes you want to hang a mirror in a place where you don’t hit a nail in the wall that easily. Think of tiles, glass or concrete. To do this, use a special drill made for that type of material to prevent damage.

It can also be nice and handy to hang a mirror on a door. In terms of mounting this is quite simple: there are special mirror clips, with which you can hang a mirror easily and securely.


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