Mobile communications: countries are demanding health education about 5G

The governments of the federal states are calling on the federal government to accelerate the expansion of mobile communications – in particular the 5G network – in Germany.

An internal protocol shows that the countries in particular hold the mobile operators responsible for the problems with network coverage.

At the next mobile phone summit, “information about health aspects” of the 5G network will also be operated.

The federal states are putting pressure on the federal government when it comes to expanding mobile communications in Germany. This is the result of a report of the conference of the chiefs of the state and senate chancelleries of the federal states last Tuesday, which is available from

It says of the federal government’s plans to improve network coverage: “The heads of government of the federal states expect an important contribution from a second mobile phone summit in order to come closer to the goal of largely nationwide mobile phone coverage (…).”

The federal government should ensure that all federal states and municipalities benefit from the subsidies provided to ensure that “blank spots” on the network map are closed across the board. This is necessary “because the mobile network operators have so far not fully met their obligations to cover the network.”

The next cell phone summit will provide information on the “health aspects” of 5G

When the next cellular summit can take place is unclear. April 23 was originally scheduled as an appointment. Because of the Corona crisis, it was postponed indefinitely.

If the summit takes place, then in the countries’ opinion, “measures to educate people about health aspects, preventive health protection, but also about the opportunities of mobile communications and especially the new 5G standard” should be agreed.

Because the higher traffic radiation of the 5G network has less range than the previous mobile network, more transmission towers are needed to cover areas. This also increases the amount of cell phone radiation that citizens are exposed to. So far, no conclusive research has been carried out into whether this 5G radiation can cause health damage.

Proponents of 5G technology, however, argue that limit values ​​would keep radiation exposure at a safe level. “According to the current state of scientific knowledge, electromagnetic fields, regardless of the technology used, do not pose any health risks if the limit values ​​are observed”, writes the Ministry of Transport.

Digitization in the corona crisis: IW demands broadband for everyone

Meanwhile, the German Economic Institute (IW) is also calling on the federal government to take action when it comes to expanding broadband. In a previously unpublished article by the institute, about which the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” reports, the economists propose as a corona stimulus package to provide all citizens with broadband access.

The faster Internet can “bring long-term growth impulses to less populated regions and enable new business models”, quotes the “FAZ” from the paper. The measure is also effective in the fight against climate change, it goes on to say: “Digitization plays a key role in climate protection because it enables home offices, video conferences instead of business trips and distance learning.”

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