Mobile operators warn of outages in winter

Due to the expected power bottlenecks, there could be failures in the network of mobile phone operators in winter.

Normally, the mobile phone networks in Europe are considered to be particularly fail-safe. But in the coming winter, the operators fear major blackouts in mobile coverage. According to the Reuters news agency, several executives from the telecommunications companies in Germany, France, Sweden and Italy have expressed their concerns in this regard. An insecure power supply can therefore lead to frequent failures.

Diesel aggregates as an emergency plan

Companies can currently only arm themselves against a brief power failure by activating diesel generators. According to Deutsche Telekom, this could bridge 30 minutes without electricity. However, this is not enough to permanently supply the 33,000 mobile phone masts with energy. Therefore, Sweden and France have already been looking at possible alternatives. Supply from emergency power generators is conceivable, but it is not feasible to constantly refuel and maintain them. In France and Italy, cell phone operators hope to join the circle of hospitals, the military or some industrial companies that, as critical infrastructure, should receive priority electricity. The outfitters Nokia and Ericsson should also help the operators to secure the networks against failures.

modernization needed

Due to the stable power supply to date, companies have had relatively few worries about this topic in the past. In other countries, larger sums have been invested in the field of energy storage. Accordingly, many modernizations of the mobile network are also necessary in Europe, which should lead to electricity savings and more targeted control.

The advantages of the uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

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