Mobile phone price hammer: Samsung A53 5G for 145 euros in the O2 tariff bundle

For the new mid-range top model Samsung A53 5G with 128 GB, you only pay 145 euros with the Free-M tariff as a pre-order from O2. If you include the free headphones and the exchange bonus, you can get hold of the top mobile phone for almost nothing. Here’s how the deal works.

With the Samsung A53 5G, the Koreans ignite the next smartphone rocket shortly after the top model S22, this time for a smaller budget. O2 is currently offering the Galaxy A53 at a particularly reasonable price for early customers. You effectively pay just 145 euros for the device bundled with the Free-M tariff. You will also receive free headphones worth 67 euros and benefit from several bonuses.

To the early bird campaign for the Samsung A53 5G

You shouldn’t take too long to make your decision: the Galaxy Buds Live are only available until March 31 as a free add-on to signing a contract. In the PC-WELT price comparison, the in-ear headphones alone cost at least 67.85 euros.

This is how you get the Samsung A53 for 145 euros

For the A53 5G with 128 GB memory in the Free M tariff with 20 GB 5G data volume, you pay 35.99 euros per month for a term of 24 months. The tariff solo costs 29.99 euros per month. The surcharge for the Samsung A53 5G is therefore a smooth 6 euros. 24 months times 6 euros

effectively 144 euros

plus 1 euro for the device deposit

at O2

. The cheapest provider in the price comparison from PC-WELT requires 449 euros and thus

304 euros more!

The A53 is also much more expensive at Amazon, at 449 euros.

Samsung A53 5G plus Free M tariff for 35.99 euros per month

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G: O2 price promotion at a glance

  • Samsung Galaxy A53 5G at a super bargain

  • With the most popular all-round contract: O2 Free M with 20 GB monthly data volume, 5G/LTE, Allnet and SMS flat rate in German networks, including EU roaming

  • Costs: 35.99 euros per month, 1 euro once for the mobile phone

  • Free: Galaxy Buds Live until 03/31/22

  • Goodie 1: up to 50 euros device trade-in bonus until 03/31/22

  • Goodie 2: EUR 100 change bonus

Samsung A53 5G plus Free M tariff for 35.99 euros per month

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G: All specifications and information

The Galaxy A53 can do that in the deal

The A series offers the best value for money of any Samsung phone – and the O2 deal makes the A53 unexpectedly cheap. There is a really good mix of technology in the chic housing design of the A53 5G: Smooth 6.5-inch OLED display with 2400 x 1080 pixels and 120 Hz, Exynos 1280 processor, 6 GB RAM, a great 64-megapixel main camera and 5G /LTE connectivity. With the combination of a razor-sharp screen, good processor performance and a quadruple camera system, Samsung has hit the bull’s eye.

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