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Telecommer Mobile Vikings, currently part of DPG Media, is in the shop window, De Tijd knows. The rebellious data provider recently showed better results.

Mobile Vikings had one goal: to bring as much mobile data as possible to as many customers as possible. This pioneered the brand that was created in Hasselt in 2008. Twelve years later and a move to Medialaan further, it is now back on the market.

The Mobile Vikings customer base, which now has 300,000 relatively loyal customers, has always had a rebellious character. They were loyal, if only because Mobile Vikings bet early on something that other major players lagged behind: data. Lots of data.

It also had to be cheap: with Viking Points you could silence a telephone bill when data turned out to be insufficient and a call was needed. But the euphoria from the beginning could not last.

200,000 Vikings

However, it initially went well with Mobile Vikings. The combination of KPN-Base, Concentra and CityLive worked fine. In six years, the Vikings amassed 200,000 customers. According to De Tijd, this comes to a turnover in 2014 of 27.9 million euros and a gross operating profit of 7.2 million euros. 2018 had to be the profit year. The Vikings also sailed to Poland and the Netherlands.

In 2015 the port of Mobile Vikings moved to the Medialaan. At the time, there were 240,000 customers who slowly but surely became dissatisfied, as the number of complaints shows. That tripled in two years time, the Ombudsman for Telecom knows.

Bart De Groote

2019 brought heavy weather again. The BASE network was left behind, Orange took its place and the Viking points had already been thrown away for a year. There was loud criticism. Just then Mobile Vikings got reinforcements on board Bart De Groote. He came over from the NMBS and became CEO of Mobile Vikings.

He set the compass to the north again and let the company focus on mobile data. Prices dropped drastically, customers were satisfied again. Thanks to his efforts, the customer base grew. With 300,000 subscribers on offer, DPG Media is now putting the telecommerce up for sale.


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