Model S is now the fastest production car in the world according to Tesla, and the best of all classes according to Musk

The revised Model S and Model X to be presented at the 2020 business figures was widely expected, but Tesla managed to surprise in several ways. While not much has changed on the outside, the interior of the two electric cars has received a major overhaul that better meets the premium claim. And customers will have to wait until the end of this year for the Model S Plaid, as announced at Battery Day in September 2020. At least in the USA available from next week, there is also a version called Plaid for both models. According to Tesla, the Model S will be the fastest production car that has ever existed – and, according to CEO Elon Musk, the best one can buy today, regardless of the price.

Tesla Model S comes as a “baby plaid”

The Model S, which was approved for ordering on Battery Day as a super-fast electric car with a range of more than 800 kilometers, is now called Plaid +. But even the variant, which Tesla gave the nickname plaid without extra (and the fans quickly referred to as baby plaid), is already equipped with the three characteristic motors. That should be enough to accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in less than two seconds. As Tesla showed in an overview in its quarterly report, it leaves absolutely every other combustion or electric car behind in the start sprint and on the quarter mile.

The closest thing to the Tesla Model S (baby) plaid is the Porsche 918 Spyder, which was only produced in a limited edition and at a price of over 750,000 euros. Second of the Tesla chasers is the current Porsche 911 Turbo S, which starts at more than 200,000 euros. According to Tesla, it takes 2.2 seconds at least 2 tenths of a second longer to reach 60 miles, and 10.1 seconds for the quarter mile, while the Model S Plaid should cover the distance in under 9.3 seconds. Much further back in this list is the Porsche electric car Taycan Turbo S, which so far competed for the best sprint times with the Model S Performance. There it keeps the Bugatti Chiron company, which, however, is second in the quarter mile with 9.4 seconds according to Tesla.

More luxury for Model X and Model S

The Model S plaid will already be produced and will be delivered this February, announced CEO Musk at the conference call after the business figures; In the configurator, Tesla specifies March for the USA instead, and for Germany as late as September. With the Model X, the fastest version is now also called Plaid instead of Performance and has become a little faster with the three-motor drive. According to Musk, his deliveries begin a few weeks later. In the US configurator, the start is specified in April 2021, in the German also September.

There are also some innovations in the two premium Teslas that are visible to the occupants. The most striking thing at the front is the steering wheel, which no longer bears this name, but is called Yoke because it is square and the upper part has been omitted – more jet than car, but not necessarily very practical. At the back there is another screen, and according to Tesla, the system behind it is as powerful as current game consoles. Passengers in the back row can use it to control their climate settings, for which there are now three zones. The front seats are no longer just heated, but also ventilated, and there is ambient lighting for all of them. The sound system consists of 22 loudspeakers with active noise suppression, matching the “ultra-quiet” interior, according to Tesla.

Tesla boss: best car of all classes

These new luxury features also apply to the versions of Model S and Model X without the plaid addition, as can be seen in the configurator. Only with a view to the Model S, CEO Musk mentioned in the conference that there will soon be a separate information event. With the innovations, the price for the basic model of the electric sedan will be increased by $ 10,000 (after the price of the predecessor had previously been lowered several times). In the USA it is now from 89,990 dollars (before taxes), in Germany from 95,990 euros.

And Musk seems really proud of it: The new Tesla Model S is now probably the best car that is available today at any price, he said. In part, this is a question of taste and interpretation, but according to the Tesla data, none is actually faster than the Model S plaid.


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