Model Y earlier? Tesla wants to export China electric cars to Europe soon, according to the media

First the Chinese media and then the news agency Bloomberg want to know about an interesting plan change at Tesla: Vehicles produced by Tesla in the Chinese gigafactory are soon to be exported to other markets, they report, citing informed people. China Teslas exports to other Asian markets as well as Europe would possibly begin as early as the end of this year.

Tesla exports from China in 2020?

The Gigafactory in China is Tesla’s second electric car plant and has been producing the Model 3 in series since the beginning of this year. According to a local manager, a rate of 4,000 Tesla Model 3 per week should be reached this June, but this target was not achieved in July and August. It was initially unclear whether Tesla was already working at the current limit or whether production was slower due to too few orders from China. In addition, a second building is almost finished, in which the Tesla Model Y will be produced from the beginning of 2021 (or earlier).

According to Bloomberg, the Chinese serial production of Teslas for export will begin in the fourth quarter of this year, very soon. Deliveries could then start this year or early 2021. The agency names Singapore, Australia and New Zealand as new target markets, but also Europe.

Tesla Model Y could come earlier

Theoretically, the Tesla Model Y could also come onto the European market earlier this way. So far, CEO Elon Musk only wanted to offer the electric crossover in Europe when it can be produced in the German Gigafactory near Berlin. Until it is available, Tesla would have nothing to counteract the alternatives that are gradually coming onto the market, especially from the Volkswagen Group in this format in Europe. However, according to new information, production in the Tesla factory in Grünheide is likely to start before mid-2021.

The reasons why Tesla opted for exports from China and whether the reports are even correct initially remained open. In any case, they sound positive to European customers: They could soon get the Model 3 from China, the quality of which is likely to be better than the electric cars from the old Fremont plant. And if Tesla also exports the Model Y, it could become available in Europe earlier than currently expected.


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