Modified Tesla Model 3 Performance takes on the Nürburgring

While Tesla has yet to fully shine on the Nürburgring, some owners are not hesitant to take to the German track with their Model 3.

After a whirlwind tour of the Porsche Taycan Turbo S on the North Loop, Tesla took a keen interest in the pursuit of the record with a specially-tuned Model S. While waiting for a concrete result, the owners of Tesla do not hesitate to go and file the tagged track.

Latest example with the video performance of Misha Charoudin, a professional driver and communications officer for Rimac, who is already used to driving an electric car. After a first test with a Tesla Model 3 Performance in its strict original configuration, the driver faced poor brakes and a suspension poorly designed for the track.

390mm discs up front

At the end of its new hot lap, Misha confirms that the Tesla Model 3 simply needed new parts, with a more massive front braking system and a suspension adapted to the track. Also, as with any rolling object, the tires installed make the difference from one benchmark to another. On this model, the 19-inch rims are clad in 275/35 Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires at all four corners.

In contrast, the pilot points to the cooling of the battery, which turns red on the central screen on the last part of the circuit. He also indicates that more suitable bucket seats could help improve the handling of the car. As for the passenger’s fear now audible due to the absence of mechanical noise, there is currently no solution …


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