Moia wants to be on the road with autonomous e-Bullis in Hamburg in 2025

The ridepooling provider Moia plans to do so by 2025 at the latest autonomous robot collective taxis in Hamburg to offer. Based on the electrical VW ID.Buzz The VW subsidiary wants to establish autonomous driving in urban areas and, together with the city administration, make Hamburg a beacon for this area of ​​mobility. Moia and VW commercial vehicles have therefore dealt with Argo AI from the USA who have already gathered a lot of experience in the field of automated driving. The know-how is now also to be used in Europe. First tests with the autonomous Moia-ID.Buzz are already running on a test track near Munich, At the end of 2021, part of Hamburg will be measured and mapped for the transport service.

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Before Moia can transport its passengers autonomously through Hamburg, the technology must first be made familiar with the local conditions. To do this will be Survey vehicles from Argo AI in the preliminary Test area east of the Hamburg Alster be on the move. The company is drawing the test area in the city districts with two so-called “safety drivers” Winterhude, Uhlenhorst and Hohenfelde for the future autonomous vehicle fleet and processes the data for the technical system. What was particularly exciting about the selection of the test region: the area is heavily populated, has complicated roads and there is a lot of traffic. Moia thinks that the conditions are perfect – after all, the test operation should run from a real perspective.

The new Moia model also gives an outlook on the upcoming electric Bulli.

The second step is to autonomous journeys without passengers can be undertaken, but a person in the driver’s seat will still monitor the robo-taxi. Selected test customers can later try out the offer. By 2025, the electric Moia-Bulli should detach itself from its driver step by step, in order to later turn independently through Hamburg.

Driver gets new tasks at Moia

The person behind the wheel should be given new tasks and ensure a safe journey. Because at the beginning, the autonomous taxi will not be able to control who gets in and out or whether the luggage is properly stowed. So it will not work entirely without human help at first. For a further development step, however, it is planned to entrust these tasks to the machine as well.

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In order for an ID.Buzz to become an autonomous Moia vehicle, the car must be equipped with a large number of sensors and cameras. The previous prototype impressively shows where the technology is installed, because one or the other component protrudes from the electric bus. Next to Radar and moving image set the engineers at Argo AI, unlike Tesla, for example, reinforced on lidar sensors. They precisely capture the environment precisely and have one with the new Moia Range of up to 400 meters. The interaction of the various sensors should give the vehicle a good all-round view and warn of potential dangers at an early stage.

Autonomous driving is coming to cities

The ID.Buzz AD is still a prototype. However, not much should change in the position of the sensors.

Moia, VW Commercial Vehicles and Argo AI are not alone with their ambitions. The rental car provider Sixt has also teamed up with a professional for the development of autonomous driving. In cooperation with the Israeli Intel subsidiary Mobileye Robot taxis should also be on the streets in Munich in the future – and that as early as 2022. A driver is still present here, too. Serve as a taxi Electric SUVs from the Chinese manufacturer Nio.

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