Mollots confused after ‘dubious text’ about Lakshmi

During the assignment in which the candidates had to cycle along signs in pairs, many sentences came into the picture, such as: ‘Rocky did not want to be the Mol at first, and’ Marije initially wanted to be the Mol. ‘ At Lakshmi, however, there was a sentence on the screen that raises questions among the Molloten. It’s about the sentence: “De Mol wanted to be Lakshmi in the first instance.”

“This is a special sentence,” wrote an attentive viewer on Twitter. Another: ‘Yes, that’s what I thought. It was also different here than on the other signs. Very ambiguous. ‘ One viewer wonders whether the question ‘Wie is de Mol?’ has already been answered. “Solved right?” she writes. At a photo of the sign with Lakshmi’s name on it.

RTL Boulevard spoke with various candidates of the new series Who is the mole? about the coming season. In the video below they explain what viewers can expect.


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