Monster Hunter: A Closer Look at Rathalos and Diablos in the Movie

Make it in December Monster Hunter in the cinemas. Most recently there was a short teaser that showed Milla Jovovich as well as thick weapons and huge monsters. Of course, the monsters are of particular interest, so further material is now being submitted.

Specifically, we see Rathalos and Diablos from the upcoming film. These are opposed to their role models from Monster Hunter: World. The film director Paul W. S. Anderson talks to those responsible for Capcom, Kaname Fujioka and Ryozo Tsujimoto. How do you like the monsters?

In another (Monster Hunter) world …

The Monster Hunter movie is about a group of soldiers who mysteriously end up in another world. This is inhabited by huge monsters, against which firearms can do nothing. The force, led by Lt. Artemis (played by Milla Jovovich) teams up with a man (played by Tony Jaa) from the strange world who knows how to fight the monsters. Other roles are cast by Diego Boneta, Ron Perlman and Meagan Good.

Video game fans are and are also served

Anyone who somehow can’t get anything out of the movie now doesn’t have to worry about Monster Hunter content. Monster Hunter: World recently received its last major update, but with Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter Stories 2, two new games are in the starting blocks.

Rathalos and Diablos

via Siliconera, images: Monster Hunter, Constantin Film, Capcom


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