Monster Hunter Stories 2: The amiibo for the game are Gamestop exclusive in the USA

When Capom presented us with some exciting new insights into Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin this week, we were also introduced to three new amiibo characters. Ena, Tsukino and the Ausmerzflügel-Ratha will be able to put Monster Hunter and amiibo fans on their shelves in the summer. The figures each unlock a decorative armor – and a small, daily bonus.

But like previous Monster-Hunter-amiibo, these three are not yet under a good star in terms of availability. Like Nintendo of America today announced, the amiibo will be available exclusively from Gamestop in the USA. So only with a single dealer – but better than not at all.

Because “not at all” was already there when it came to Monster Hunter amiibo. A whole series of amiibo to Monster Hunter have not even made it out of Japan to this day. These include Rathalos, each with a female and male rider, or Navilu. If you want this amiibo in your collection, you have to import it or buy it at a high price from Amazon *. Expensive especially because the figures, like many other amiibo, are difficult to obtain.

And Palamute, Palico and Magnamalo?

There is as yet no information on the availability of Ena, Tsukino and Ausmerzflügel-Ratha in Germany. This also applies to the amiibo Palamute, Palico and Magnamalo for Monster Hunter Rise. So far there is no possibility of pre-ordering these amiibo in German retailers. Not without reason: it appears they are only available on MyNintendo, at least that’s how they are identified. Currently only Magnamalo can be ordered there. Good luck, dear collectors!

Images: Nintendo, Capcom


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