Monster recall: Almost all Ferraris from 2005 must go to the workshop – brake failure

Almost all Ferraris that the sports car manufacturer has sold since 2005 have to go to the workshop. The brakes can fail.

The sports car manufacturer Ferrari calls almost every Ferrari that the company has sold since 2005 back to the workshop. Because of a serious problem: The brakes of the super-fast Ferraris can fail, as Arstechnica reports.

The reason for the recall

The reason for the potential brake failure and the resulting recall sounds trivial, but it isn’t: A defective brake fluid reservoir cap may not vent properly. This can create a vacuum that causes brake fluid to escape. But if brake fluid is missing or not available at all, then the brake fails. Every driver’s nightmare: You step on the brake pedal fully – and the car doesn’t slow down.

The Ferrari workshops replace the cap for the brake fluid reservoir. The workshops also install a software update that informs the driver when the brake fluid in the brake reservoir is running low.

Ferrari assumes that only around one percent of the vehicles are actually affected by this problem, but since the affected vehicles cannot be identified in advance, all of them have to go to the workshop for a check. In the USA alone, 23,555 sports cars are affected – the Autozeitung reports that 23,555 is the number of Ferraris recalled worldwide. In view of Ferrari’s significantly higher total sales figures, the figure of 23,555 should actually only apply to the USA and many, many more Ferraris worldwide will probably have to go into the workshop. The oldest model being recalled is the 2004 612 Scaglietti. Only these models are not affected by the recall: 575M Maranello, 599 GTB, SF90 and 296 Hybrid. Ferrari wants to inform all affected vehicle owners by the end of September 2022.

The US authority National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has published a list of all Ferrari models that have to go to the workshop here. According to this list, 23,555 Ferraris have to go to the workshop in the USA alone.

The report does not indicate whether Ferrari vehicles in Germany are also affected. The German Federal Motor Transport Authority has not published a comparable list. As early as April 2022, however, there were reports of a problem with faulty brake fluid reservoir caps. At that time, the AMZ wrote that there had already been three accidents because of this; without injuries. At that time, there was talk of almost 2,000 vehicles of the 458 and 488 models being recalled in Germany.

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