Monterey Car Week Classic Car Auction: The Biggest Eye-Catchers

They belonged to Monterey Car Week like oysters and champagne: the classic car auctions. 724 valuables changed hands this year for around 355 million US dollars, auctioned off in stuffy ballrooms in various hotels.

The auctioneer heats up the crowd, bad wine is sold at high prices, there is whispering, cheering and laughing. The potential buyers, in the hall and on the phone, know what they want. The prices go up in no time at all, 100,000 dollars are quickly added as if it were a tip, until the hammer finally falls. Time to party? Don’t stay here, the next candidate rolls onto the stage every minute.

The most beautiful oldies and their crazy prices can be found in the picture gallery

picture gallery


Monterey Car Week Auctions

Incidentally, it only happens in the film that you accidentally bid millions with a stupid hand movement: Anyone who wants to bid must register beforehand. After all, the auction house also wants to know who you are dealing with. Because: Whoever is awarded the contract only has until 5 p.m. on the next working day, then the money has to be there and the car gone.

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