More and more women are working (even after having children)

This is apparent from research by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), which has examined whether 40-year-old women and their possible partner have paid work.

Combination full-time and part-time

The most common combination among dual earners is that of a full-time working man and a woman with a substantial part-time job.

In 15 percent of cases, only one of the partners works. Usually this is the woman’s partner, who is sometimes a woman herself. The fact that one of the partners is working is most common in low-educated women.

Difference with seventies

Until the 1970s, women often stopped working after marriage because they were expected to be fired upon the birth of the first child. Some of them never started paid work again.

Nowadays women often continue to work after having children, although some women choose to work fewer hours when they become mothers.

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