More chance for first-time buyers of a home in cities with housing shortages

With the measure, minister Kajsa OIlongren of the Interior wants to prevent start-ups who want to buy a house from constantly fishing behind the net. In many large cities they hardly get a job because buyers buy the houses in front of them. Then they rent out the houses for extremely high amounts.

Municipalities cannot do anything about it now. They can only regulate through their housing regulations that new buildings must not fall into the hands of pawnbrokers. Amsterdam has recently done this, for example.

No self-occupation obligation

Incidentally, there is no self-occupation obligation in the designated neighborhoods. Minister Ollongren said after the Council of Ministers that parents may, for example, buy homes for their studying children. Municipalities simply have to provide a permit for this. Other exceptions may also apply.

The intention is that this is regulated in a law. The details have yet to be worked out. The ‘buy-up protection’ is expected to take effect in a year at the earliest.

Minister Ollongren will also limit rents in the private sector. The House of Representatives has requested this by adopting a motion by PvdA MP Nijboer. Ollongren now wants to limit the rent increase to 2.5 percent above inflation. That agreement is provisionally valid for three years.


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