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More Dutch people stick to a maximum of one glass of alcohol per day

More and more adult Dutch people are adhering to the Health Council’s advice: drink no or a maximum of 1 glass of alcohol per day.

According to the Trimbos Institute, more and more people in our country adhere to the advice to drink a maximum of one glass of alcoholic drink per day. In 2019, 41.5 percent of the adult population did so. In 2014 this was still 37.5 percent. This is evident from a study published today by the same Trimbos, the independent knowledge institute for alcohol, tobacco, drugs and mental health.

Young adult most often excessive drinker

“However, 6 in 10 Dutch people still drink more than one glass of alcohol per day on average,” the organization also reports.

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Just toast… but this was of course before the corona era. Photo: Getty Images

In 2019, 1 in 12 adults was an excessive drinker. That is, more than 14 glasses a week for women and more than 21 glasses a week for men. Young adults (18-29 years) do this most often (almost 13 percent). It is striking that this percentage is considerably lower among 30-49 year-olds (6.2 percent), but increases again to 8.3 percent among people over 50.

Just as many heavy drinkers

8.5 percent of adults drink heavily, namely at least once a week in one day more than 4 glasses for women and 6 glasses for men. Men are more likely to drink excessively or heavily than women.

Excessive drinking has fallen slightly since 2014, but the percentage of heavy drinkers in the Netherlands continues to fluctuate around 8 to 9 percent. The objective of the Prevention Agreement for Problematic Alcohol Consumption is to reduce both excessive and heavy drinking among adults to 5 percent by 2040.

Enjoy in moderation?

The slogan “Enjoy, but drink in moderation” was overturned by science last year. British and Chinese scientists conducted research and based themselves, they wrote in the medical journal The Lancet, on data from alcohol consumption and cardiovascular disease of half a million Chinese. “Only one drink” was not considered okay at all.

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More Dutch people stick to a maximum of one glass of alcohol per day


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