More expensive than most Ferraris: A rare BMW M5 special edition

A BMW M5 that costs more than a new Ferrari or Lamborghini? There is not any? Oh but! However, the M5 E34 shown here is anything but a normal M5. The special model “20 Years of BMW Motorsport” was only built 20 times in 1992 and has been a sought-after collector’s item for years!


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The M5 is offered by the dealer “Mint Classics”, which specializes in rare young and oldtimers, with a particular focus on BMW. All 20 copies of the special model are numbered and number 18/20 should be unique in terms of condition. The simple reason: with less than 5,000 kilometers on the clock, we are practically talking about a 30-year-old new car.
BMW M5 E34 20 Years Anniversary

All 20 M5 “20 Years of BMW Motorsport” are painted in the color “Mugellorot” and have rims with a black star.

All 20 copies are painted in “Mugellorot”.

It is therefore not surprising that this M5 is presented in absolutely perfect condition in the advertisement photos. The paintwork in the color “Mugellorot (274)” shines as brightly as it did when it was delivered in 1992, the decorative plastic parts are not faded and the 17-inch rims (styling 21 M System II), which BMW fans affectionately call throwing stars or paddle wheels with a black star look freshly prepared.
BMW M5 E34 20 Years Anniversary

The Recaro seats are equipped with special M fabric and Amaretta upholstery, which was only available for the special model.

This flawless impression continues in the interior. Recaro SR seats with special M decor (special upholstery 9990) were only available for the limited special model “20 Years of BMW Motorsport”, which appear unused on this example. Other specific features of the M5, which is only delivered in red, are red seat belts with woven BMW Motorsport lettering and the carbon trim strips with red accents. The badge mentioned in the center console provides information about which number it is.

The special model already has the 3.8-liter engine

It’s also worth taking a look under the front-hinged hood. The 3.8-liter straight-six (S38) with 340 hp and 400 Nm is already doing its job there and the engine looks as if it has just come from the revision, although it has only just run in with less than 5000 kilometers. Also part of the special model is the Nürburgring suspension package, which was also available as an option for the normal M5.

BMW M5 E34 20 Years Anniversary

The 3.8-litre straight-six looks like new. No wonder the M5 has less than 5000 kilometers on the clock.

In 1992 the package price for the special model was 8500 DM extra and each order came with a 1:43 scale model with a limited number plate. A basic BMW M5 E34 cost DM 98,800 in 1988. This price rose to DM 124,000 in the last year of manufacture.
A bargain compared to today’s price, because it should be clear to everyone that such an exceptional example of a classic that is already sought after is not exactly cheap. However, the asking price is not for the faint-hearted: While no price is given on the Mint Classics website, the M5 is advertised on “Classic Driver” for an almost unbelievable 450,000 euros. That is more than ten times what is called for an M5 E34 in good condition and more than a brand new Ferraris 812 Superfast with 800 hp V12 costs (almost 300,000 euros). But compared to this special M5, the Ferrari is also mass-produced!

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