More holidays, a car or a bicycle? More and more people are choosing it instead of wages

At SD Worx, which calculates one third of all wages in the private sector, the number of employees who can compose their own salary package has risen from almost 13,000 in 2017 to almost 31,000 in 2019. On average, the employees have a choice budget of approximately 6,215 euros .

The National Association of Independent Sickness Funds has been offering its staff flexible remuneration for three years. The employees mainly opt for extra holidays. With the end-of-year bonus they are allowed to buy three extra days of holiday, so that they get a total of 40 holiday days. Second and third place are individual pension savings and health insurance. “Just over half of our 700 employees use the system and the percentage increases every year,” said An De Smet, Compensation & Benefits Manager at the National Association of Independent Health Insurance Funds. “That proves that employees like to receive a tailor-made salary package.”


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